C.I.S. Strong: Meet Edo Roth

What research/ projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on research in the field of privacy-preserving data analytics with my advisor Andreas Haeberlen and a group of other great collaborators at Penn CIS. We’re working mostly on how to design systems for massive-scale distributed data analysis while guaranteeing differential privacy. It’s a nice mix of applied cryptography and distributed systems thinking, which has been really enjoyable for me. I’m currently thinking of how to expand some of our work to graph analytics, which introduce a host of other challenges, but also bring in a lot of possible applications (even potentially in understanding aggregate statistics during the pandemic).

What has been keeping you grounded and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The most important quarantine hobby I have is exercise – I mostly work out in my apartment, but I’ve also recently started playing tennis again (a naturally physically-distanced sport!) I have also been trying to stay on a constant reading schedule outside of research, with a healthy mix of baking every once in a while.

What future research/ projects are you excited about?

I’m excited to continue my research on privacy-preserving technologies, because I believe they have so much potential to unlock additional sources of sensitive data, and also because they can give a chance for people to have meaningful consent and control over the data they choose to contribute for aggregate analytic purposes. In the long-term, I’m passionate about all sorts of public interest technology, particularly those that can help protect privacy rights, decrease inequality, and strengthen democracy.

Favorite culture intakes right now.

I’m a huge fan of the Ezra Klein podcast – he’s a great systems-level thinker and brings on so many incredible guests from a wide variety of fields. A good chunk of the podcast is about politics, but regardless of your interests, I guarantee you can find an episode in the catalog which will leave you thinking about the world in a new way. I’ve been listening to a lot of different music, but one artist I’ll highlight is Jazmine Sullivan, because her voice makes me feel things!


Up Next: Penn’s Climate Week

Now more than ever it is critically important for us to address the impending and drastic changes occuring in our global climate: science and our own corporeal experiences demand it. Next week, Monday, September 21 marks the beginning of Penn’s Climate Week, and it could not be more timely.

Each day of the week (09/21 – 09/25) will center a different theme, including Monday’s focus on Africa and Climate Change. While a plethora of events will be hosted throughout the University, SEAS has its own special lineup, featuring CIS’s own Benjamin Pierce as a speaker for Wednesday’s carbon offset webinar.

***Click HERE for the full schedule of events***


CIS Distinguished Lecture Series Presents: Adam Finkelstein

Adam Finkelstein, Professor, Computer Science Department, Princeton University

The CIS Colloquium series is proud to feature the Distinguished Lecturer for Fall 2020, Princeton University’s own Adam Finkelstein.

As a Computer Science professor at Princeton, Adam’s research focuses on the “art of science,” comprising audio, photo and video manipulation. Much like the title suggests, his lecture with CIS will focus specifically on “Recovering, manipulating and enhancing recorded speech (1905-2020).” Projects up for discussion and survey include the process of retrieving audio recorded onto a postcard over a century ago, as well as a method designed to make real-world recorded speech sound as if it was recorded in a studio!

***The seminar will take place on Tuesday, September 15th, 3PM-4PM. Click HERE for more info.


MCIT Admissions Webinar: Alumni Spotlight on Women in Tech

Penn Engineering Online Learning is offering up a special admissions webinar for its upcoming installment, featuring MCIT alumnae impacting the tech industry. Hosted by PE’s Associate Director of Professional Development and Networking, Emily Parry, the webinar will cover topics such as how to seek out community and mentorship, advice for women considering a career switch into CS, important resources to be aware of, networking tips, and more.

***The event will take place via Zoom on September 16, at 2PM. Click HERE to register.***